Residential Investment Loans
There are many financing options for consumers to purchase a rental property as a means to invest for their retirement future and build equity while receiving rental income. Conventional loan options allow a consumer to purchase 1 to 4 unit properties under standard conforming loan guidelines.

Resident Lending Group is able to secure financing for rental investment properties, including apartment complexes, utilizing commercial loan financing for properties over 4 units.

With our extensive knowledge and experience with these types of properties, we can help borrowers build a solid portfolio and customize the financing to individuals specific goals.

We have established relationships with seasoned 1031 Exchange coordinators and title and escrow companies to help ensure your exchange and financing transaction closes smoothly.

Loan Application Options

These days much of the loan application and verification documentation has been streamlined. If you choose, you can apply online and we can verify income and assets electronically most of the time.

Having said that, there’s something to be said for having your loan officer review these items BEFORE they are submitted to underwriting so we can anticipate additional documentation that might be needed in advance. Contact us to schedule a meeting.

Here’s our handy dandy reference guide, RLG Keys to Success

Our team working for you.

“It’s all about getting the right loan at the right time for our clients. Building long-term relationships is icing on the cake.” 
–Lois Mulrooney

Lois Mulrooney, Resident Lending Group

Lois Mulrooney


Maxine Jones, Resident Lending Group

Maxine Jones


Jocelyn Watson, Resident Lending Group

Jocelyn Watson


Kellie Alexander, Resident Lending Group

Kellie Alexander

Processor / Loan Officer

Vikkye Fetters-Delfino

Processing Mng. / Loan Officer