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October 2008

Thinking of a job change? Mortgage qualifying ramifications of the self-employed borrower.

September 2008

Variable Rate Mortgages, Questions answered regarding this often misunderstood loan product. Be sure and send in a question for the new “Question of the Month” section. If yours is used in a future edition, we'll send you a Starbucks card, so email your questions!

August 2008

A New format including new sections starting this month. Send in a question for the new “Question of the Month” section and if yours is used in a future edition, we'll send you a Starbucks card, so email your questions!

March 2008

What really matters when we shop for a mortgage?

February 2008

Food for Thought. More contemplations on using your mortgage to build wealth.

January 2008

Putting Home Equity to Work for Us. Wealth building principle using separated home equity.

December 2007

Separating Equity the Sequel. More thoughts on creating financial safety by separating home equity.

November 2007

"Help! I'm trapped and I can't get out!". Thoughts on using real estate equity to build financial security.

October 2007

Abate Who? Two loan features you might never have heard of.

September 2007

Not Out of the Wood Yet. How the entire mortgage industry is feeling the pinch.

July 2007

Construction Loans. Product Highlight: Construction-to-Permanent Financing.

June 2007

Thoughts we have built but are afraid to ask. Example of misconception regarding mortgage lending.

May 2007

The shake-up in the sub prime market. Reflecting in the aftermath of the sub-prime mortgage fallout.

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